Youth Ministry in Action

"What is needed today is a church which knows how to respond to the expectations of young people. Jesus wants to enter into dialogue with them and, through his body, which is the church, to propose the possibility of a choice, which will require a commitment of their lives. As Jesus with the disciples of Emmaus, so the church must become the traveling companion of young people..."

(Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day 1995, Philippines)

The church must become the traveling companion of young people—and that is what we mean by youth ministry. If, indeed, “it takes an entire village to raise a child,” then it certainly takes an entire church to journey with young people as they grapple with the Good News and respond in discipleship.

The second goal is “to draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community.” Young people have a hunger for connection, to be in relationship, and to belong. Family, peers, school, youth serving organizations, and church are primary connections for young people.

Integrating young people into the liturgical, pastoral, and ministerial life of the parish community.

Creating opportunities for young people to enter into healthy relationships of trust and respect with their peers and with adults.

Promoting Catholic identity and religious literacy through programs of adolescent catechesis.

The goal of youth ministry is “to foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person. Enabling young people to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. Actively supporting positive youth development and fostering healthy values and life skills. Supporting families of young people by providing resources, programs, and services. Providing opportunities to experience and express caring, service, and compassion for others."

Youth ministry is more than programs and events. It is “the response of the Christian community to the needs of young people, and the sharing of the unique gifts of youth with the larger community"

The Ministry of Prayer and Worship celebrates and deepens young people’s relationship with Jesus Christ through the bestowal of grace, communal prayer, and liturgical experiences; it awakens their awareness of the Spirit at work in their lives, it incorporates young people more fully in the sacramental life of the Church, especially Eucharist; it nurtures the personal prayer life of young people, and it fosters family rituals and prayer

We would like to invite the young people, to the Youth Program.It is an experience, which will afford young people the opportunity to know Jesus Christ in a personal way and build Christian friendships with other young adults. This will be achieved through a program consisting of Eucharistic Celebration, talks, sharing by young adults as well as fun-filled activities utilizing the talents and skills of the participants.

Sunday evening after 5.30 Evening Mass

Pizza will be served. We look forward to see you and your youth. Thank you and God bless!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Thomas Morris OSST

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